from Arpan Khanna

Investigate the ArriveScam boondoggle

The cost of Justin Trudeau’s ArriveScam app keeps going up. Originally budgeted at $80,000, it cost taxpayers at least $60 million.

76% of contractors doing zero work. Where did all the money go?

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Take Action on Car Thefts – Now!

After 8 years of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal-NDP Government, car thefts are up 34% across Canada. Canadians are waking up to their cars stolen and shipped to Africa and Middle East. It’s time to bring in jail and not bail for repeat offenders, secure our ports and bring back minimum mandatory sentencing.

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Don’t Cancel Christmas!

Woke and power-hungry organizations are trying to rip away Christmas by calling the celebrations “discriminatory” and “intolerant.” We won’t let them take that away. Merry Christmas

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Ban Hard Drugs & Support Recovery

The Liberal-NDP coalition have moved to legalize crack, heroin, meth, and other hard drugs. It’s time we ban hard drugs, stop flooding our streets with prescription opioids, and invest in treatment and recovery to bring home our loved ones drug free.

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Take the carbon tax off grain drying and barn heating

Justin Trudeau’s Senators are blocking the passage of bill C-234 hurting Canadian farmers. Demand the Senate pass this critical bill immediately that will remove the carbon tax for our farmers who need to dry their grain, heat their barns and run their operations.

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End Expansion of Medical Assistance in Dying

By March 2024, those suffering from mental illnesses like depression will have access to assisted death, even if their condition is treatable. 

The Liberal government must protect vulnerable Canadians and immediately END their radical expansion of medically assisted death to those with mental illness.

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Carbon tax is driving up the price of gas, groceries, and home heating during a cost-of-living crisis.

Axe the tax to bring home lower prices and powerful paycheques.

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Protect our Natural Health Products

Trudeau Liberals have introduced regulations that will increase the cost of Natural Health Products in Canada.

Fight these overreaching Liberal regulations and ensure Canadians’ access to safe supplements is protected.

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Arpan Khanna is the Member of Parliament for Oxford. He lives in Woodstock with his wife Sim and his son Arvin.

Prior to being elected, Arpan was a practicing lawyer and small business owner.

He is dedicated to our community and the organizations that serve it. He is a member of the Woodstock District Chamber of Commerce and of the Oxford Fish and Game Club. He is involved with local community fundraisers and food drives and is a volunteer with Global Medic. Arpan is a licensed firearms owner and in his spare time enjoys recreational sport shooting at the local range.

Arpan regularly engages with the community, giving his constituents the opportunity to provide valuable feedback to help him in his role as our voice in Ottawa.

Arpan is honoured to serve the residents of this great riding and is committed to unleashing Oxford’s full potential.